STEP ONE: *475#

STEP TWO:Enter your M-TAIFA PIN and the following menu’s appears.

1.Enquiries(If you select enquiries the following menu option are displayed)

  • Saving account balance(for saving account balance press 1)
  • Loan balance(for loan balance press 2)
  • Share balance(for share balance press 3)
  • Loan Status(for loan status press 4)

2.Airtime Purchase (If you select option 2, enter the amount to purchase and press send and the following menu option appears{make sure to scroll up to the end})

  • Accept
  • Cancel

3. Withdraw to Mpesa (select option 3, enter the amount you want to withdraw and send, then the following menu appears)

  • Accept(if you press 1 to accept, await for M-pesa notification).Then with draw to any any M-pesa agent
  • Cancel

4. Deposit

  • Got to M-pesa
  • Lipa na m-pesa
  • Pay Bill
  • Enter business no:()
  • Enter account no:()
  • Enter amount
  • Enter your M-PESA PIN

5.Check Mini statements

NB:Only 3 transactions are displayed.

6. Enter account transfer

Not yet activated


  • Select a simple unique pin that you can remember.
  • Never store your pin in your phone. If possible delete the message as soon as possible.